Koi Fish Gemstone Sculpture

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Koi Fish Spirit Totem Sculpture OOAK sculpted clay spirit guide citrine crystal point energy meditation Hidden Treasury

This is a wonderfully detailed koi fish spirit totem I have handcrafted using high quality polymer clay. Featuring fine sculpted details and hand painted with a silver shimmer. Have this beautiful little koi fish sculpture as a spirit guide totem on your desk or around the home to bring in happy loving vibes and good energy. A Citrine crystal point helps with creative thinking, stimulates inspiration and freeing the mind of limitations and a stripped Agate gemstone for protection, strength and harmony. Comes signed and dated as an original unique one of a kind sculpture. handmade with love for you to enjoy and cherish. Everyone deserves to treat themselves with a special something. Why not make that something a little treasure from Hidden Treasury ♥ •.¸¸. ƸӜƷ
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length:   9cm
width:   6.6cm
height: 2.9cm   


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