Commission Price Guide and Availibility

Here at Hidden Treasury Fursuits we love to take on all manor of creature commissions! Here is a list of prices to help you choose what you would like for your order. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries

(Currently closed for near future orders, if you are happy to wait in a queue, feel free to message us and receive a quote or order a spot in the queue)

All prices are in USD. Prices also differ depending on color and complexity of your character so please contact us for a custom quote



Prices are subject to character complexity. Prices start at $1000+

Our heads are made from our resin bases which are hand cast to order. If we don't have a current species on hand, we will create a new base mold for your unique commission. Our heads feature:

  • moving jaw
  • vision through the tear duct (realistic/ semi realistic) or pupil (toony)
  • a choice of resin jawset or fabric teeth & gums
  • a choice of fabric or silicone tongue
  • lined interior and inner padding for comfort
  • high quality faux fur
  • glass eyes for realistic/semi realistic, or for toony a choice of follow me eyes or 2D eyes
  • easy access Velcro on either sides of the neck, or zipper access if specified
  • a choice of resin nose or silicone nose
  • machine sewn, and hand sewn



    Partial prices are subject to character complexity but base prices are as followed

    Head+Handpaws $1200*

    Head+Handpaws+Tail $1350*
    Head+Handpaws+Tail+ Feetpaws (outdoor) $1750*

    Our Partials feature:

    Handpaws $200 (puff paws) $150 (standard paws)

    • come fully lined with soft Mink or Lycra with pattern or color of your choice
    • A choice of either resin or mink fabric claws. The resin claws come in a number of sizes and colors
    • a choice of either 4 digit paws, 5 digit paws or 5 digit slimline glove type paws
    • dew claws are $15


    Feetpaws $400*

    • built on a shoe base of your size
    • shaped to include an ankle look
    • choice of resin or mink fabric claws
    • feetpaws are mid calf/above ankle height
    • can be made for either indoor


    Tails $100+

    •  comes with elastic supports and available in all sizes



    Plantigrade Fullsuits start at $2900*

    Digigrade Fullsuits start at $3500*


    Other Additional Features


    Arm extensions to the shoulder $150

    LED eyes, range of colors available $45

    Horns $30-$80 per set, depending on style

    Fan $45

    Skull mask $180