Terms of Sale & FAQ's

Thank you so much for your support and interest into our work here at Hidden Treasury Fursuits! On this page you can find our T.O.S and some FAQ to help you. Please make sure to read through this page before ordering from us so that you are informed and happy to proceed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us either on our 'Contact Us' link or send us a message on either

Instagram @hidden_treasury_fursuits

or Facebook @HiddenTreasuryFursuits



- Any buyer who orders through Hidden Treasury Fursuits must agree to our TOS. This rule is absolute.

-You must be 18yrs or older to order from us. If you are younger than 18yrs you must have a parent/guardian to agree to this sale for it to be valid.

- To secure a commission slot, we require a Non-Refundable 30% deposit. If a buyer decides to pull out of a commission, they will be refunded any money paid except for the 30% upfront cost. Any fursuit parts made during this time will be changed and sold. We do not ship out unfinished suits.

-Request for updates. Due to the amount of commissions we take on and the amount of quote requests we receive, it can be hard to keep on time with replies. So please allow for time for our response. If you haven't heard from us within 2 days, please send through another message to boost your enquiry to the top. To keep on top of multiple updates, we post photo updates on our Instagram @hidden_treasury_fursuits and will tag you if you have an Instagram account. 

- At this current point in time we do not accept hard deadlines. Having a young family means there are unforeseeable times where we cannot work (ie. sick children) which can delay us from keeping to hard deadlines. Our making times generally run from 2-6 months. We like to make sure that good time is put into each fursuit to ensure quality. 

- You are required to give us a clear and good quality character reference for character commissions. Before work starts, you must clarify any details not stated on the reference that you may want added to you character fursuit or any added features (ie. fursuit jewelry or horns) that require an added fee. We do not accept NSFW material, screenshots, stolen characters, stolen artwork, photos of someone else's fursuit (we do not make fursuit copies). We do not accept copyrighted characters or fan art fursuits. We like to discuss in full with the buyer of their fursuit details and will check fur colors and materials for accuracy. 

-Changes to the character after we start work is not accepted. It greatly affects our work schedule to change a character because the buyer has updated their character's look during their fursuit commission. The buyer must be confident in their character before commissioning a fursuit from us. 

-We ship to most countries. Shipping is calculated according to weight and is normally sent with tracking and express postage for our Fursuit items. The buyer is responsible for import fees.

-Payment plans are accepted although we prefer full payments. If you wish to go on a payment plan, we will work out a payment schedule with you. We require the commission to have a min 30% non-refundable first payment and the full commission to be paid within 3-4 months. We will not post any fursuits without the commission being fully paid.

-Payments are to be made with Paypal. Paypal is linked to credit and debit cards which now makes this easier for customers to use Paypal.

-We hold the right to terminate any commission due to rudeness, disrespect, any kind of bad behaviour or not paying on time. We will give prior warning before doing so. A full re-fund minus 30% will be issued and we will change and re-sell the edited fursuit.

- We do not hold any responsibility for any injury caused while wearing your commission. Fursuit costumes can be hot and not give your normal field of vision. Make sure to always drink plenty of water and to be aware of your surroundings. Fursuit fans are available for head commissions for help with keeping cool.

-ALLERGEN WARNING** we own dogs so please be aware of this if your are allergic to dogs. Our fursuits are made in a clean environment (separate room away from the dogs) but we like to make sure our customers are aware in case of a hyper-allergy case.

- For Fullsuits we require a DTD. For instructions please google "Duct tape dummy tutorials". We require a good quality DTD that is accurate to your size as this our guide to make sure your fursuit fits.





  1. Question- Do you sell your bases? Answer- No sorry, at this point in time we don't offer our bases for sale. Sometime in future it may be a possibility.
  2. Question- Can you make me a fursuit using a different makers head base? Answer- We like to work with our own head bases and will happily create a new head base mold for certain commissions that require a base that we currently do not have. It is a possibility for us to work with a head base that you supply but we generally don't accept these commissions as they take away part of our artistic merit without one of our head bases.
  3. Question- Do you only make Realistic-Semi-realistic fursuits? AnswerWe love to make Toony fursuits! They are a lot of fun to make. We are known more as a realistic/semi-realistic fursuit business but we do make Toony fursuits as well. Please contact us if you wish for examples or sheck out our gallery on this website or our Instagram @hidden_treasury_fursuits
  4. Question- Can you make an artistic liberty suit? Answer- Sure can! we love to have fun creating characters. If you give us a general idea of colors and species that you like, we can create an artistic liberty suit for you.
  5. Question- Do you have a limit to character complexity or species specific fursuits? Answer- We love a challenge! Feel free to ask for a quote on your character. We enjoy making new and different species as well as the more common types. All are welcome!