Forest Sabertooth Tiger Skull with Amethyst Gemstone Crystal 3D Printed

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This is an anatomically correct Saber-toothed Tiger (Smilodon) Skull that I have 3D printed. He is smaller than a real Smilodon skull but absolutely perfect to display on a desk as home decor or even as a part of a crystal collection with the beautiful quality and authentic Amethyst crystal cluster inside the open mouth. Printed with PLA plastic (no animal parts were used) I have added fake moss to give that real natural forest look as if the skull had been left to age on the forest floor. The skull is hand painted and has a protective layer to protect the paintwork.

Size measurements:

Length: 150mm / 5.9 inches

Width: 95mm / 3.7 inches

Height 100mm / 3.9 inches