Jaguar Fursuit Head Pre-Made

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**More Photos Coming Soon**

Up for sale is this brand new realistic Jaguar fursuit head. Cast in resin he features alluring glass eyes. Custom resin jaw and pink silicone tongue set. Fully functioning moving jaw. Vision through the tear ducts. Ventilation through the mouth and nostril holes and plenty of room to install a ventilation fan. Highly realistic fur which is a combination of original jaguar rosette patterning and airbrushed color and details so that the spots will never fade. Velcro fastening for easy access. Inside the head is lined around the neck up to the back of the head for comfort. Hand painted realistic nose.

Will fit a head around 21-24 inches but adjustments can be made to accommodate other sizes.


This head is going to be an exclusive feature in an art gallery exhibition and will be available to send to his new home at the end of April 2019