Rainbow Pony Tail Keychain Furry Fursona Bag Charm

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This is the cutest multi color fluff tail key chain ever! The fur pile is long and luxurious, making it perfect as a colorful pony tail or even a fluffy fox tail. I am offering only a limited number of super cute and super colorful tail charms! Made from high quality faux fur that is incredibly soft. The tail measures 11.5inches or 28cm long including the clip. An excellent gift for you or someone you care about, especially those who love rainbow ponies or canines, or a passionate Furry. Perfect to hang on your handbag, travel bags (especially traveling to fur-cons!) or as a cute accessory. Everyone deserves to treat themselves with a special something. Why not make that something a little handmade treasure from Hidden Treasury ♥ •.¸¸. ƸӜƷ
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